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Welcome to our web site!

Being in the Montreal scene for almost ten years, thanks to our very competitive prices. We specialize in the fabrication of equipment and distribution of packaging and protection products for movers.

We offer equipment, packaging and protection products such as: the moving strap (web) , neoprene floor runner, tie-down strap , logistic strap, moving blanket Econo Plus, moving blanket Micro-Fiber, packing tape, wood dolly and much more.

Shop locally!

One of our main goals is to promote local buying. We work hard not only to manufacture products in Canada use canadian materials. They are made to our specification and superior quality compared to Chinese products.

Here are the categories of product manufactued in Canada: straps, packaging products, cardboard boxes and our dollies

Online buying!

Most of our products are now available on our online shop!

We ship orders in less than 48 hours.

our categories



Moving strap - Tie-down strap - Logistic strap - etc.



Packaging tape - Stretch wrap - Moving boxes - Newsprint - etc.



Moving blanket - Neoprene floor runner - Ram Board - etc.



Wood dolly - Piano skid - spare parts - etc.


Safety and construction

Hand protection - Blue masking tape - safety cone - etc.

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