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Moving strap - Tie-down strap - Logistic strap - etc.



Packaging tape - Stretch wrap - Moving boxes - Newsprint - etc.



Moving blanket - Neoprene floor runner - Ram Board - etc.



Wood dolly - Piano skid - spare parts - etc.

safety construction

Safety and construction

Hand protection - Blue masking tape - safety cone - etc.

Popular Products

Moving strap

Our strap is manufactured in Canada.

Available in 15, 30 feet.

Neoprene floor runner

Protect your floors with neoprene floor runner.

Available in four length.

Moving blanket

Moving blanket protects furniture, appliances, etc. during a move. It can also be used for storing, protecting floors and stair rails and much more.

Available in two dimensions.

Wood dolly

Our wood dollies manufactured in Canada. They are built out of sturdy wood, molded rubber end caps and 4" blue non-marking.

Available in 18" x 30".


ram board

Ram Board

Ram Board is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for Contractors.

38" x 100'

cotton webbing

Cotton webbing

The cotton web is perfect to strap your goods in your truck.

2" x 100'

wood dolly converter

Wood dolly converter

The wood dolly rack is perfect to carry long pieces such as mattresses, tables and marble slabs.

Fit on 18" x 30"

rubber band

Rubber band 3/4"

The rubber band is perfect to replace your packaging tape when you cover a piece of furniture or appliances with a blanket.

28"/Blue - 36"/Green - 48"/Red

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